Shipping & Returns

WeightGermanyZone 1 *Zone 2 **Zone 3 ***Zone 4 ***
up to 0,5kg7,00 Euro12,00 Euro12,00 Euro12,00 Euro12,00 Euro
up to 1,0 kg7,00 Euro21,00 Euro21,00 Euro21,00 Euro21,00 Euro
up to 3,0 kg8,00 Euro26,00 Euro30,00 Euro40,00 Euro48,00 Euro
up to 5,0 kg9,00 Euro30,00 Euro35,00 Euro50,00 Euro70,00 Euro
up to 10,0 kg12,00 Euro35,00 Euro45,00 Euro70,00 Euro80,00 Euro
up to 20,0 kg20,00 Euro45,00 Euro65,00 Euro90,00 Euro120,00 Euro
up to 30,0 kg25,00 Euro60,00 Euro85,00 Euro120,00 Euro150,00 Euro
up to 40,0 kg35,00 Euro75,00 Euro100,00 Euro150,00 Euro200,00 Euro
up to 50,0 kg45,00 Euro90,00 Euro125,00 Euro200,00 Euro250,00 Euro
up to 60,0 kg55,00 Euro100,00 Euro150,00 Euro225,00 Euro300,00 Euro
up to 70,0 kg65,00 Euro125,00 Euro180,00 Euro265,00 Euro345,00 Euro
up to 80,0 kg75,00 Euro135,00 Euro200,00 Euro300,00 Euro400,00 Euro
up to 90,0 kg85,00 Euro150,00 Euro225,00 Euro325,00 Euro425,00 Euro
up to 100,0 kg95,00 Euro175,00 Euro250,00 Euro350,00 Euro455,00 Euro
up to 150,0 kg150,00 Euro250,00 Euro350,00 Euro580,00 Euro730,00 Euro
up to 200,0 kg200,00 Euro350,00 Euro400,00 Euro750,00 Euro900,00 Euro

* Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (except northern Cyprus), Czech Republic, Denmark (except Faeroe Islands, Greenland), Estonia, Finland (except Åland Islands), France (except overseas territories and departements), Greece (except Mount Athos), Hungary, Ireland, Italy (except Livigno and Campione d'Italia), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands (except overseas territories), Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (except Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), Sweden

** Åland Islands (Finland), Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Berg Athos (GR), Bosnia-Herzegovina, Campione d'Italia (IT), Canary Islands (E), Ceuta (E), Cyprus (northern Cyprus), Faeroe Islands (DK), Georgia, Gibraltar (GB), Greenland (DK), Guernsey (GB), Iceland, Jersey (GB), Kazakhstan, Kosovo (Serbian province), Liechtenstein, Livigno (IT), Macedonia, Melilla (E), Moldova (Republic of), Montenegro (Republic of), Norway, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia (Republic of), Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom (except Channel Islands), Vatican City

*** Algeria, Canada, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, USA

**** All countries and territories not covered by zones 1, 2 or 3 beside Germany.

Importing items from other countries beside trade between countries of the European Union (EU) can cause additional local costs such as import tax and custom fees. Import tax and customs fee depending on the kind of items wich gets imported, it's value and the amount of shipping costs. Please contact for closer information your responsible custom office.


Depending on the amount and the size of your order we will choose a proper shipping service.

We do worldwide shipping. The table above shows shipping costs. If you bwould like to ship a bigger quantity then 200kg feel free to contact us asap by mail. Please write what kind of item and wich quantity you would like to get and where we should ship it (ZIP). We will contact you in time and let you know if shipping is possible and how much we have to charge for it.

Shipping time

National shipping is about two up to seven working days. On (saturday,) sunday or holiday there is no delivery. In case an item is not in stock the will be a clear notice within the detailed product description.

International shipping is about seven up to 14 working days. On (saturday,) sunday or holiday there is no delivery. In case an item is not in stock the will be a clear notice within the detailed product description.


Ordered items will get shipped after payment. You can pay by PayPal or ordenary bank transfer (SEPA). For our german clients we offer also a cash on delivery service on request. Cash on delivery will cause additional costs.